Treatment of gingivitis

Periodontology deals with inflammatory or aesthetic problems of the gums. Recent studies show that a large percentage nearly 90% of people 40 years of age suffer from some form of periodontal disease caused by microorganisms that live and grow in the plaque and tartar. Remember that the risk factors for this disease include: genetics, stress, smoking, diseases of a general nature and others. In the result of inflammatory processes leading to a gradual loss of the level of the bone that supports the teeth and hence should swirling and falling. By modern methods of treatment and prevention parodontologichno, these diseases are completely curable.

How do we proceed?

Identify the pathogen and suggest measures for their individual otstranyavane. As a part of the measures taken are removing plaque and tartar and accumulated deposits, thoroughly clean the teeth with the most modern diode ultrasound equipment also need to control the disease through periodic visits.

Measures and recovery procedures

To prevent the loss of teeth, work on the program to correct cosmetic defects in patients with periodontitis, as well as for cosmetic adjustments arising aesthetic problems. We also offer a program of remedial procedures to address the deepening of the disease, so as not to reach the extraction of teeth and correct oral hygiene.
Periodically remind time and time for a checkup, etc.

What can rely on patients?


  • The inflammatory process
  • Stopping the loss of bone
  • Treatment of Infection
  • Opportunity, if necessary, periodontal plastic surgery
  • Recover lost bone
  • Correction of defects crown