Phones – rails

Method suitable for children between 7 and 10 years in active dairy replacement with permanent teeth.

They are made individually for each child according to his deformity. The bars are preferably made ​​of plastic, in various colors and with various illustrations.


These brackets are flat plates which are glued to the teeth on the outside or on the inside of the teeth. They are used to treat the majority of orthodontic problems.

Types of braces


  • Metal braces
  • Certainly the most popular. They are very healthy. Made of different alloys can be gold or silver.
  • Aesthetic brackets. They are almost invisible, can be completely transparent or white ceramic, sapphire and others.
  • Poluestetichni brackets. Top of them is ceramic barely noticeable, and the bottom – of metal.
  • Lingual braces. They are placed on the inner side of the teeth and are not visible to others. Their aesthetic is excellent, but cleaning them is quite difficult.
  • Most importantly you should know
  • Corrections orthodontic deformities are possible at any age
  • Children calipers – rails shall be adopted without the fear of children.
  • During treatment with braces patient should cut into pieces before eating solid foods (apples, carrots, toast, chocolate); do not chew gum and nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), seeds and popcorn.
  • Brackets themselves create discomfort is overcome. Patients get used to the new landscape of the teeth and their proper cleaning.
  • Orthodontic treatment is one way to make your smile beautiful.