Implantology and surgery

In our desire to be the most helpful, we are more emphasized in the development of dental implantology.

To ensure excellence in treatment, we carefully select implant systems that we can trust and treat you like we have selected world leaders in the development of dental implants.

We have developed a protocol for working with patients, which will introduce you to treatment with implants.

We have set our dental assistants and doctors, each of which holds a certificate of completed courses to improve skills, so we are able to offer the best of international practices of our patients.

Placement of implants

Implants is performed after preliminary radiographic and SVST scanner then makes precise planning. Implantation is performed under local anesthesia.

For the period from 2 to 6 months dental implant is integrated into the bone, is then inserted the required structure – crown, bridge or denture.

How to care for implants

Each implant needs daily care. Must be strictly verbal higiena.Na every 6 months should go to a health check. Special attention is paid to the gum around the implant and the condition of the adjacent bone.

Why put your implants?


  • Modern implants are made of titanium – a biocompatible metal with exceptional mechanical properties
  • Save your thinning adjacent healthy teeth
  • Long-term and reliable operation of the implants
  • Increases greatly the quality of life, self esteem and confidence
  • Treatment with implants is a reliable and predictable thanks to our professional experience in this field
  • We use implants systems Frontrunners
  • Surgery Dent
  • Surgical removal of impacted teeth
  • Removing teeth
  • Injuries to the teeth and soft tissues
  • Disclosure of teeth for orthodontic treatment