Aesthetic Dental Studio Dentel

Full range of services in dentistry

Aesthetic Dental Studio Dentel

Highly qualified dental specialists


With an excellent team of selected professionals, modern equipment and facilities in a comfortable setting, clinic Dent tries to impose high standards of dental treatment in Bulgaria. Dentel has excellent specialists in the field of implantology, aesthetic dentistry, periodontology, orthodontics. Doctors in Dent have a number of prestigious international fellowships and awards.

From A to Z in Dentistry

We Dent Dental Studio offer a full range of services in dentistry. Abide by established protocols, thanks to which we achieve high, predictable results. We rely on the latest technology and proven techniques for natural-looking and beautiful smile.

The most advanced equipment and a cozy atmosphere

In Dent works with most modern equipment from leading manufacturers and we strive to continually introduce innovations in dentistry, which strive to achieve uncompromising quality of service.


Aesthetic Dentistry

We Dent studio offer our patients professional whitening

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Implantology and surgery

To be the most helpful, we are more emphasized in the development of dental implantology.

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At the base of the root canal treatment is the cleaning, disinfection and filling them.

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Treatment of gingivitis. Periodontology deals with inflammatory or aesthetic problems of the gums.

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Caries and Prevention

Caries is the destruction of hard dental tissue. The most common cause of tooth decay …

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Method suitable for children between 7 and 10 years in active dairy replacement with permanent teeth.

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Laser treatment

Laser dentistry is precise and effective method for performing dental procedures

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Dental tourism

We offer to combine cultural tourism in Bulgaria with the ability to solve their dental problems.

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